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Hello, this is the another success story of Micheal Jackson, people call him as “king of pop songs”

He is still alive in his fan’s hearts, and you can know his fan following by just listing his earning even after his death. he is still one of the rich celebrity in forbes rich people’s list.

13 times grammy award and 26 times american music award. Apart from this Jackson have 39 guinness world record, oh yes you heard right *39*.

In just 10 minutes after death of Michael nearly 8 Million people had searched him on google  and due to this much heavy traffic google’s search engine had crashed that day. isn’t it shocking?

He had born in common family and now his success became an source of inspiration for millions of people.

Beginning Of Super Star

He was born in 29th Aug 1958 at Gary city in America , his father’s name Joseph Walter Jackson and he was working in steel company and doing part time in music band. Michael’s mother Cathrin also loves music alot and that’s why they Incourage their childrens to learn music. Michael grown with his 3 sisters and 5 brothers. In 1964 his brothers made musical band “Jackson brothers” and Michael was the main attraction of that band as he is only of 5 years at that time.

After some time they have changed their band name to “Jackson 5″, after that Michael performed with their brothers in lots of clubs. In 1968 they have signed contract for musical album and shifted to Los Angeles. In 1965 they have released album named ” The Jackson 5” and first time they got famous in a larger scale. In 1966 Jackson released “ABC” song named “i want you back ” got a huge response from public.


Now ,Jackson family got rich and they got shifted to their new big house at California. From 1972-1975 he had released 4 solo albums in which “got to be there” and “ben” got a huge success. In 1979 Michael signed contract with “Epic” and in 1982 he did his carrier best album named “Thriller” which is the best seller album of all time. For Thriller album Michael won 7 grammy and 8 american music awards in row. This album became a trend in America by selling 64 million copies of Thriller.

link for Thriller Songs.

 Balasaheb thakray with michael


Talking about personal life

he married for 2 times, first time he married with Lisa Marie Presley in 1994 , but unfortunately they got divorced in 1996. In the next year 1997 he married his long time friend Debbie Rowe and blessed with 2 children from Debbie Rowe Michael Joseph Jackson Jr. and Paris Jackson , but they had divorced in 1999.

Success and Controversy

Micheals life is a mixture of success and controversy.

In 1994 he had case of sex extortion on little child and  got demotivated by lots of fans.

for changing his look he made lots of plastic surgery on his skin and changed skin tone from black to white ,this took him to criticism.

In march 2009 he announced that he will perform concert in London and this will be his last concert, but before performing this concert 25th June 2009 he died by heart attack at his home in Los Angeles.

End Of Super Star

Michael Joseph Jackson will be always stay alive in his fan’s heart. After dying his still earning is 16 Billion Dollers per year, this shows his fan following and love from all over worlds people.

Secrets Of Michael Jackson

  • Michael Jackson was bald – at the time of Michael jackson’s death doctors detected that Michael was wearing a wig.
  • planning to produce Spiderman in 1990.
  • He was a Vegitarian.
  • Black arm band  on left hand for war protesting.
  • Anti gravity shues– by using these shues michael was able to lean forword to 45 degree .
  • Man in the mirror song–  this is the only song from BAD album was not written by jackson due to the great lyrics of this song, michael donated 100% profit of this song to charity.

BestVideo Song of Michael Jackson

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