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Neurohacking is such a future technology that you will probably get in the coming years. To be told directly, this technology is being made to hack the human brain neurons. But there is no need to panic on you. Hacking in kuike neurohacking means removing some of the person’s physical impairment. Or to be empowered in some cases that people have never been able to do.

The first task of neurohacking is to repair the health of the human brain. Suppose someone has a mental illness, so it will be cured with the help of neurohacking. Neurohacking will also have many advantages, such as fixing the damaged body part quickly, and think in virtual reality.
Some well-known scientist are working in neurohacking, Dr. Herman Epstein, Joseph LeDoux, Alex Ramonsky, Frederick Starr and David Barker

Experiments Successful?

So far this technology has been experimented and it has been experimented with Kevin Warwick.Doctors had to use this technology to control the human brain’s nervous system. Kevin was ready for this, Kevin’s hand was controlled by a robot after a few minutes of treatment. This was a great success.And now one thing is clear that, after a few years, we will definitely see this technology.
“It may be thought that Neurohacking can also be used to get some hidden information in the mind of a person, such as passwords and any personal information, this technology can be used for good work like bad, It can be done for too many such scientists “.
At present, no such technology is being used.

A Hollywood movie named “Matrix”, has been shown about this technology. If you have seen a matrix movie then you will be aware of neurohacking but if you do not see this movie then definitely take a little time to see it, cause movie’s global rating is also good and your time waste will not be at all in its guarantee. Give it
In fact, it is difficult to organize such a technology, and if the person is successful in neurohacking, then in the future, the person’s lifestyle will change completely. Just as human beings will learn to control each other’s emotions.

Alcohol & Caffeine

This will work exactly like alcohol and caffeine in today’s world.
Do you know how alcohol and caffeine works? Let me tell you
Whenever you take caffeine, if you take caffeine in the next few minutes, it will give the wrong signals to your brain that there is a bohot energy to work in your body and later your brain will ask the nervous system to keep it awake.
After taking the same alcohol, alcohol goes to your brain’s neurons glutamate receptor and activates the GABA receptor, which increases the level of dopamine and endorphin in your body, because of this you have less power to understand your thinking. Your mind is not able to control your mind, and sometimes you do not have control over your body.

So can we also say that nowadays neurohacking technology is alcohol caffeine and some such drugs?
Just like every thing, there are 2 benefits and every technology has some advantages and disadvantages as well. Just think what would happen if a person got used to this technology or addiction?

Some software will work in technology, and if there are softwares, there are some functions in it, so any person can make its virus too.
After all, this thing comes back to our mind that we are developing through technology or we are planning a plan to ruin ourselves by finding people to find some easy ways.
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