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Success Story – BalaSaheb Thackeray

bala thakrey

Bal keshav Thackeray (बाल केशव ठाकरे) One of the greatest leader of India , founder of Shivsena, great cartoonist. Bal Thakray was born in 23rd janewary 1926. name of his mother ramabai and father’s name is keshav (popularly known as prabodhankar)

He is grown with his 9 brothers and sisters , he is elder among them. since his father is a part of rally independent maharashtra, he got inspired from him. Later after his marriage he is blessed with three sons Bindumadhav , jaydev, uddhav Thakray.

Balasaheb Thackeray Politics

He Started new Political party named shivsena in19th june 1966 . The main purpose of shivsena is to fight for maharashtrian people for their rights. In 1970 he added Madhav mehere , Babasaheb Purandare to shivsena and after that shivsena came on different level of power. From 1989 shivsena leader created a newspaper named SAMANA.

Short List of Acheivements 

  • He began his professional career as a cartoonist with the English language daily the The Free Press Journal in Mumbai left in year 1960. His cartoons were also published in the Sunday edition of The Times of India.
  • Shiv Sena Created fear among the Population in initial days and no one ever dared to go against them including ruling party and politicians.
  • The BJP-Shiv Sena combine won the 1995 Maharashtra State Assembly elections and came to power and Balasaheb controlled the government indirectly  he was called as remote control.
    The government was formed with Manohar Joshi as chief minister and the BJP’s Gopinath Munde as his deputy.
  • On July 28, 1999, Bal Thackeray was banned from voting and contesting in any election for six years from December 11, 1999 till December 10, 2005.
  • He has declared that he is ‘not against every Muslim, but only those who reside in this country but do not obey the laws of the land…. I consider such people traitors.
  • In the 1980s, he had stated that:
    ‘”They [Muslims] are spreading like a cancer and should be operated on like a cancer. The… country should be saved from the Muslims and the police should support them [Hindu Maha Sangh] in their struggle just like the police in Punjab were sympathetic to the Khalistanis.
  • in 2008, he wrote:’Islamic terrorism is growing and Hindu terrorism is the only way to counter it. We need suicide bomb squads to protect India and Hindus’
  • On March 6, 2008, Bal Thackeray issued an editorial titled Ek Bihari, Sau Bimari (One Bihari, Hundred maladies) in Saamna, Shiv Sena’s political mouthpiece, saying Biharis were ‘an unwanted lot’ in the Maharashtra
  • he was quoted by Asia week as saying: ‘I am a great admirer of Hitler, and I am not ashamed to say so! I do not say that I agree with all the methods he employed, but he was a wonderful organizer and orator, and I feel that he and I have several things in common…. What India really needs is a dictator who will rule benevolently, but with an iron hand.’
  • Shiv Sena meaning Army of Shiv, referring to Shivaji.
    It is currently headed by Thackeray’s son, Uddhav Thackeray.
  • members of the Shiv Sena call themselves Shiv Sainiks, and carry out most of the party’s grassroots work. In recent times, Thackeray does not concern himself with day-to-day activities of the party, which is run by his youngest son Uddhav Thackeray.
  • The Washington Post had once described Shiv Sena chief Bal Thackeray as “the man who rules Bombay the way Al Capone ruled Chicago — through fear and intimidation”.
  • In the 1960s and 1970s, the Sena viciously targeted South Indians, calling them derogatory names like Yanda Gundu and Lungiwaale. Under Thackeray’s leadership, attacks on Udipi restaurants and theatres screening films by South Indian producers became regular features. Slogans like this were very common like ‘lungi hatao pungi bajao’michel jackson
  • Year 1996 – King of dance and Pop star Michael Jackson toured to Mumbai for a concert and was welcome by Shiv Sena. Jackson visited the Sena chief and reportedly autographed the toilet he used during the visit. Bal Thackeray, whose own brother was a music director, presented the king of pop with a silver tabla and taanpura.
  • balasaheb with amitabh
    balasaheb with amitabh

    Superstar Amitabh Bachchan played the intrepid politician in Ram Gopal Varma’s ‘Sarkar’ which was rumoured to be loosely based on the life of Balasaheb Thackeray.

  • bala with rajnikanth
    BalaSaheb with Rajnikanth
  • Superstar Rajinikanth who met Bal Thackeray here today said that the Shiv Sena chief is “like god” to him.The 60-year-old actor drove to Thackeray’s residence at ‘Matoshree’ in suburban Bandra and sought the Sena chief’s blessings.
  • Late Shiv Sena patriarch Bal Thackeray, cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar and SP leader Abu Azmi are among the two lakh water bill defaulters in Mumbai.
  • balasaheb with sanjay dutt and sunil dutt
    balasaheb with sanjay dutt and sunil dutt
  • Sanjay Dutt, Bollywood actor greets Shiv Sena Chief Mr. Balasaheb Thackeray (centre)
  • balasaheb with modi
    balasaheb with modi

    Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi (right) met Shiv Sena chief Bal Thackeray at his residence in Mumbai

  • In year 1995, Bal Thackeray lost his wife, Thackeray’s wife Meena, ‘Maasaheb’ to Sena workers, died of a massive heart attack in September
  • Year 1996 – Thackeray’s oldest son Bindumadhav died in a road accident on April 20, 1996. The fatal accident took place when the Tata Sumo that Binda Thackeray was travelling in crashed into a tempo near Waksai Phata on the Mumbai-Pune highway.
  • Year 1993 – In January 1993, Thackeray said, “If I am arrested, then the whole of the country up to Jammu & Kashmir will rise up. I am prepared. If a holy war is to begin because of me, then so be it.”
  • Year 2000 –
    The country watched Mumbai come to a standstill on July 25, 2000, when Thackeray was arrested for his inflammatory editorial in Saamna back in January 1993 during the Bombay riots when he openly called for attacks on Muslims.
    Thackeray presented himself to the police and was produced in court. But the magistrate dismissed the case as time-barred. Thackeray walked free
  • Year 2007 –
    In 2007, Thackeray was arrested again, this time for a provocative speech he made during a Sena rally. He was let off on bail immediately.
  • Raj his nephew left the Shiv Sena left the party and he formed his own political party Mansay known as MNS.
  • In November 2009, Bal Thackeray criticized the country’s beloved cricketer Sachin Tendulkar for making a statement that Mumbai belonged to the whole of India. He said Sachin, please keep in mind that we praise you for your fours and sixes on the field, but if you use your tongue as a bat to hit boundaries against the Marathi manoos.
  • Thackeray called for a public boycott of  Shah Rukh Khan’s film My Name is Khan and also branded him a traitor. Sena workers vandalized theatres and tore down posters of the film.
  • Dussehra is a special day for every Shiv Sainik. It is the day on which Balasaheb addresses his followers at Shivaji Park in central Mumbai.
  • Year -1996-
    he complained of chest pain and was taken to Mahim’s PD Hinduja Hospital.
    The late cardiovascular surgeon Dr. Nitu Mandke was rushed from Ahmedabad and conducted a bypass surgery on him, after an angiography detected a block.
  • Year 2000s-
    he was diagnosed with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), a condition in which the airways in the lungs become so narrow that the flow of air is limited and the patient feels shortness of breath.
  • Feb 2009-
    He was admitted to Lilavati Hospital for 14 days after he complained of fever and exhaustion.
  • June 2009-
    He was admitted to the ICU with breathlessness and palpitations, his oxygen level dropping and BP shooting up.
  • July 2009 –
    He underwent an angioplasty in Lilavati Hospital, performed by cardiologist Dr. Samuel Matthew Kalarickel.
    He skipped Dussehra rally.
  • 2010-
    He addressed a function to mark the 50th year of Maharashtra’s formation.
    He had gained nearly 17 kg in 10 months, and resumed his walks next to his home.
  • March 18, 2010-
    He underwent a minor laser eye surgery to clear his vision at JJ Hospital, Byculla.
    JJ Group of Hospitals dean Dr. Lahane performed the seven-minute-long procedure.
  • May 13, 2012-
    Bal Thackeray was admitted to Lilavati Hospital after he complained of discomfort and was discharged two days later.
    Tests showed an ailment in the pancreas.
    Hyderabad-based specialist Nageshwar Reddy and his team were supposed to perform an endoscopy but the decision was deferred because of the poor condition of his lungs.
  • July 24, 2012-
    A day after Shiv Sena Executive president Uddhav Thackeray was discharged from Lilavati Hospital after a successful angioplasty for multiple blockage of arteries, Thackeray was admitted.
    According to Matoshree and hospital sources, he had acute constipation accompanied with breathlessness and inflammation on the body
  • 17 November 2012 –
    Shiv Sena chief Bal saheb Thackeray died on Saturday in Mumbai after prolonged illness.He died at 3:33 pm on Saturday.
  • Nov 23 , 2012 
    Shiv Sena chief Bal Thackeray got obituary references in the Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha
  • Thackeray is amongst the few leaders ever to get obituary references without being a member of either house.

    Incident with thakrey(success story)

Thackeray’s first morcha

Bal Thackeray took his first morcha against Blitz magazine and Indian Express. Thackeray always suspected that ‘Blitz’ and ‘Indian Express’ ran campaign against Sena since beginning. Thackeray led the morcha and at the end of the morcha the Sena workers burnt copies of ‘Blitz’ and ‘Indian Express’.

Thackeray’s first court case

Thackeray went to the court for the first time against street vendors. He had filed a petition against the vendors in the Fort area alleging that they were involved in smuggling. Pramod Navalkar and Manohar Joshi were the other petitioners in the case.

Attacks on Thackeray

The first attempt to attack on Bal Thackeray was made in May 1969 at Nagpur airport by communist workers. Thackeray had gone to Nagpur for a rally. On his way back to Mumbai he reached Nagpur airport around 1:30 am. As there was some time for the flight, Thackeray bought a book ‘Wild Life in India’ and began reading. A group of 10 communist workers approached Thackeray and told him that they wanted to discuss a matter with him. Thackeray refused to discuss anything as the departure time of the flight was near. One person named Manohar Naidu from the group tried to go closer to Thackeray. Sensing trouble, Thackeray slapped him. After that the shiv sainiks surrounding him, attacked the communist workers.

In another incident, Thackeray had opened fire in air from his licensed revolver at Mahim to prevent a mob from attacking him on September 26, 1969. Thackeray was on his way to Bandra from Dadar in his private car with wife Meena. At Mahim church, a Muslim taxi driver overtook him. Angry Thackeray stopped the car and asked the cabbie why he did so. There was heated argument between them. Soon, a mob gathered there. Sensing trouble, Thackeray opened fire in air in self defence and took the cabbie to Mahim police station. Then chief minister Vasantrao Naik had requested the press not to publish the news as there was tension in the city since riots in Ahmedabad a few days ago.

First shiv sainik murdered

A worker from Naigaon Sadakant Dhavan was the first shiv sainik who was murdered. He was killed at Nehru Nagar on June 26, 1970. He was cremated at Dadar crematorium. Bal Thackeray was present for the funeral. “Sadanad will be the last shiv sainik who has been murdered. The opponents should take this into consideration,” Thackeray had said that time. A garden in Bhoiwada was named after Sadanand Dhavan.

Sena’s first mayor in Mumbai

Dr Hemchandra Gupte became Shiv Sena’s first mayor in Mumbai in 1971.

Slapping to Air India manager

In 1972, Bal Thackeray led a morcha to Air India office at Nariman Point from Azad Maidan protesting the airlines’ “anti Marathi policies”. SK Nanda was the chief personnel of Air India that time. The Sena workers assaulted him. Thackeray admitted that Nanda was slapped by the Sena workers. “It is true that Nanda was assaulted. He deserves it. He hates the Marathis. The people whose job applications were rejected by Nanda must have slapped him. I do not know who they were,” he said.

Oppose to renaming of Marathwada University

Then chief minister Sharad Pawar announced to rename Marathwada University as Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar University. The state assembly passed a resolution in this regard on July 27, 1978. Sena opposed the resolution and started fiery agitation in Marathwada on July 30. They requested Thackeray, who was in Pune at that time, to join them. Thackeray decided to leave for Aurangabad but Pawar requested him not to go there. Thackeray accepted his request but demanded that a word Marathwada should be there and the name of the university should be as Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University which Pawar accepted.

Thackeray’s popular slogans

Shivrayanchi shapath tumhala, vijayi kara Shiv Senela.

Bajao Pungi, Hatao Lungi

Bund ji ban gayee moti, Shiv Sena hamara sathi

Launch of ambulance service

Today, Shiv Sena has a fleet of ambulances with it. After actor Amitabh Bachchan got severely injured while shooting for his film Coolie in Bangalore he was brought to Mumbai to get admitted in Breach Candy Hospital. Thackeray asked the party workers of Dr Bhadkamkar Road shakha to send an ambulance to carry Bachchan to the hospital. It was the first ambulance of the party.

What Thackeray said about Shiv Sena

In a non political interview to ‘Marmik’, Thackeray had explained his vision for Shiv Sena.

“The awareness Shiv Sena has created will never die. It will last for ever. The question is who will continue this and how transparently. The question will arise one day. Whoever will run Shiv Sena must have to take care that he does not convert it in Congress. Shiv Sena should remain as Shiv Sena only. No one can touch Shiv Sena till it remains as Shiv Sena. No matter whether I am there or not. But people themselves will not allow diluting the Sena.”

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